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Wildcrafted Herbal Products: Your Natural Skin Care Solution

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This category contains products that address all skin types from oily to dry, sensitive and mature.

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Our range of body care products includes hair-care, body moisturisers and more

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A large range of organic herbal teas and tea blends and spices.

About Wildcrafted Herbal Products and It's Owners

Wildcrafted is an Australian owned and run company dedicated to offering a range of high quality, hand-made, natural skin care, personal and hair care products, as well as a high quality, personalised information service online.

Originally established in 1984, Wildcrafted has launched its range of products and services as an online business in 2004, and today is supplying its products to customers around the world.

Our company promotes and supports eco-friendly, organic farming methods by choosing to use organic produce wherever possible. None of our products are tested on animals as they are based on herbal medicine practice and have proven safe and effective over decades of use. Our environmental sustainability policy requires Wildcrafted to reuse packaging where possible and minimising the use of packaging materials.

Development of the product range has involved an evolution of almost 50 years so far. Initially, Susan, a Medical Herbalist and Aromatherapist, made products for her own use and for family and friends.

Eventually, after realising how effective the products were, Susan began to prescribe them for her patients and the word soon spread about her products. Over 4 decades later we continue to use our range of our herbal products in our clinic.

Susan’s partner, Danny, boasts more than 30 years of clinical expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, with a wealth of experience both in Australia and abroad. Collectively, Susan and Danny bring many decades of knowledge across various health disciplines and have accumulated numerous years of hands-on experience in clinical practice. 

Both have Bachelor Degrees in Environmental Biology and are experienced research scientists. In addition, they each have acquired several degrees in traditional forms of medicine including Western herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture, Medical Aromatherapy and Remedial body therapies. 

As practitioners of natural medicine, Susan and Danny have operated several successful clinics in Australia and established the Northern School Of Traditional Medicine in North Queensland in the mid 1990s. The School was the largest of its kind in the far north Queensland region and Susan and Danny are proud of the high quality and dedicated practitioners they have trained.

Over the past 30 odd years, both Susan and Danny have found that there is a large percentage of people who experience problems with their skin. Their patients often complain about being allergic to many of the cosmetics and skin care products they use and as a result develop hypersensitive skin, eczema and even dermatitis.

With few, if any, good quality natural skin care products on the market back in the 1980’s, Susan initially developed creams and lotions for her patients, friends and family. These products were based on her knowledge of herbal medicine and Medical Aromatherapy. Using this specialised knowledge, Susan only used herbs, hydrosols, fruit extracts and 100% pure essential oils to create truly natural skin care products that were unlikely to cause any irritation or skin sensitivity.

Wildcrafted Herbal Products specialises in using the principles of herbal medicine and medical aromatherapy to formulate their natural skin, body and hair care products.

Natural Ingredient used in Wildcrafted's Skin Care Range
Only 100% natural ingredients are used in our Wildcrafted products
Wildcrated Herbal Products - Wildcrafted's Age Defying Range of natural skin care products
Wildcrafted's Age Defying Range of 100% natural skin care products
Natural Skin Care Products